Length: 45:52

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Added on: Jul 17, 2020

Model: Abbie Maley
This Abbie Maley handjob scene is just filled with smoking hot jerking action! She kicks things off with a flirty interview straight from Hollywood so that you can get to know her on a more intimate level. This slim brunette is very warm and attractive, described by the interviewer and soon-to-be handjob receiver as "cute as all hell," and we cannot disagree with that one bit! She talks about how much she loves jerking dicks off and feeling them get hard in her hand, and goes into exquisite detail about all her sexual experiences and preferences. Such a great preview of upcoming attractions!

Her striptease is definitely worth the wait, with her removing her top to show off her perfect little titties and pulling down those tiny little shorts to reveal lacy pink panties and a perfect round ass. She shakes that ass for the camera while her new boy toy gives her pussy a closer inspection. He asks her to show him how she masturbates and she gives an up close and personal view of her favorite way to get off!

Soon enough it's handjob time, and then she's rubbing his cock through his underwear and then pulling it out to lube it up. Our favorite part of the video is when she straddles his face while she jacks him off! She's got some truly unique dick stroking techniques but we won't spoil it for you here! She's a wild and loud girl and you will definitely enjoy watching Abbie do her thing!

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