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Beach Babe Braylin Bailey Twerks in G-String, Tickles Taint

Length: 30:23

Photos: 121

Added on: Jan 28, 2022

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Strokies presents a Braylin Bailey handjob video that sees the top pornstar looking like a million bucks! The Santa Barbara native is 21 years old and super petite with a nice big booty. She says she had an upscale upbringing and that she spent a lot of time at the beach when she was growing up, and she was quite athletic growing up too, doing cross country, track, and ballet. No wonder she's got such a lithe dancer's body! Braylin Bailey is brand new to porn and this is her very first handjob-only video. When our guy tells her that he wants her to pleasure herself while stroking him, her enthusiastic response is, "I can do that!" Indeed she can and she will!

As a naughty teen, Braylin Bailey says she used to sneak out of the house to meet up with boys, and that sleepovers were some of her very best memories. "It's a fun thing, it keeps you young," she says. She says she was "the good one" in high school and that it's funny that she ended up being the porn star in her friend group. She started as a cam girl and she says she loves her life in porn now. Aren't we glad that she went mainstream? We're loving it.

Braylin Bailey gives the patented Strokies ghost handjob to show her favorite moves, stroking the shaft, cupping the balls, and jerking cum out of two cocks onto her tongue. Nice. She confesses that she gave a blowjob before she ever gave a handjob, and that her friends used to teach her how to give blowjobs on a banana! 🍌💦 Lucky banana! She says she likes the taste of cum too! When asked if she's ever given a handjob in public, she says that she has absolutely given a guy a handy right in the room with her friends, or even at a restaurant under the table! Naughty girl! We love to hear it. And she hasn't been caught yet! You'll have to stay tuned to find out about her road hand experiences, no spoilers here!

We love it when Braylin Bailey crawls toward the camera and pulls up her top to reveal perky small tits and a pierced belly button! Then it's time to see that round ass that she was telling us about earlier, and it is framed elegantly by a thong G-string! She twerks that booty while our guy beatboxes, and just wait till you get a glimpse of those luscious lips. She's even got a tiny little trimmed bush at the top of that perfect slit. Watch her masturbate and listen to her moan! Mmm.

Braylin lubes up our dude for the main event, and lubes up her titties at the same time, making them shine! She's utterly gorgeous throughout this handjob, leaning in close as she jerks his shaft, cradling his balls and giving them a nice squeeze and giving his grundle a tickle. She grinds hard on his leg, moaning loud and licking her juices off of him after she cums for the second time, and then he covers her pretty hand with his first of two cumshots! She rubs it all over her chest, saying, "Put it on me like lotion, moisturizing myself!"

After a short break, Braylin Bailey and our guy are at it again, this time with her leaning back to masturbate while she jerks his pole good. She cums once again, moaning with pleasure, nearly screaming out with joy and licking her pussy juice off her fingers. She rubs that pussy juice on her man's dick, and then he stands up for that top-down POV view of Braylin Bailey jerking cock. "I can't wait for you to cum again," she giggles. And the magic recipe for that second cumshot is a 69 with Braylin riding his face and enjoying being eaten out by him as she spits on his cock and keeps on working it. Cumshot number two spurts everywhere and she says, "Yes, yes, yes! I made you cum twice, mission accomplished!" 🎯

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