Emilia Song Shows Her Magical Hand Skills

Length: 24:21

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Added on: May 29, 2018

Model: Emilia Song
Amazing and always exciting and joyful redhead hottie, Emilia Song, comes over to Strokies to say hi. Well, of course there is way more to it than that, but that's just the polite way of saying that Emilia arrives to give POV handjob. We will stick with the latter since it is way more accurate. Emilia is this piping hot woman of pale skin who is always down to have some kinky fun. While she knows how much you want to taste her pussy and asshole, Emilia Song will show you her excellent hand skills instead in the form of a tug job. Is that OK with you? We all know the answer. Slowly and steadily, Emilia performs an enticing strip show, divulging her jaw-dropping body. It is a bottle of lube what Emilia truly wants, not to mention, giving all her attention to your dick. She jerks of the shaft exceptionally well and even challenges you to cum onto her panties. However, Emilia Song wants to taste cum badly and lats you release all your cock cream onto her tongue.

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