Geeky Jay Taylor Tells Stories And Strokes

Length: 19:35

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Added on: Nov 21, 2017

Model: Jay Taylor
Truth be told, you have not met anyone quite like Jay Taylor yet. But aren't all girls unique? Indeed they are. With her big glasses, Jay looks very geeky and that is what is especially hot about her. Not to mention, her perky boobs, big ass and giggly face. But the best part? Jay likes to tell all kinds of stories while she jerks you off and makes you feel special. You try to hold yourself back for as long as possible but tempting Jay does not let you. She goes straight to the business, slowly taking her clothes off and revealing her fine physique. It gets the juices flowing instantly. Moreover, as perverted as you are, you grab her by her hand and place it right on your cock. You want those hands badly! Surely, Jay Taylor is down for the business, lies on the bed nude and makes your cock grow. By sliding her hands up and down your shaft in an original way and massaging your balls, your penis begins to throb sooner rather than later. But it is Jay's glasses what you aim for when ejaculating. Will you score?

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