Karly Baker Moans While Jerking Him Off

Length: 22:57

Photos: 196

Added on: Jan 16, 2018

Model: Karly Baker
You probably remember Karly Baker, huh? However, something changed on her. She does not have braces anymore! Would you look at that! Karly did an outstanding job last time and she is about to throw down another super POV handjob performance for you. Cute brunette angel, Karly, has a very down to earth personality and likes to laugh a lot, that is for sure. But when Karly gets rid of her outfit and reveals her perky small boobs and shaved pussy, things get a tad more serious. At least when it comes to stroking the cock, Karly Baker keeps things as professional as possible. She milks his cock lying on the bed, on her knees and even cannot hold herself but finger her pussy quickly because a handjob makes Karly extremely horny. When he releases a big load of spunk, it lands all over Karly Baker's tempting body. Do you want even more Karly?

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