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Added on: Jan 10, 2020

Model: Lana Sharapova
If you're a lover of sexy blonde babes, you will be hooked on this Lana Sharapova handjob video! She's 22 years old but she looks much younger. She's from Russia but has lived in Missouri her whole life. She claims to be innocent but her appearance on this site would suggest otherwise! She says she loves to eat, dance, and suck dick! That's our kind of girl! She's a squirter too, but we won't spoil that story for you! You'll have to watch and see. She does share the fact that she lost her virginity in a sewer before a basketball game. What a naughty girl with some crazy stories for your enjoyment!

She's got a sweet and tight body with perky little tits and an ass that won't quit. Twerkin' in the bed and showing off that tight pussy, she's ready to go! She lubes up a fat cock and gets started stroking like a pro. Watching her stroke it with her pretty little manicured white fingernails, it just looks so good. She cradles his balls while she strokes the shaft and keeps eye contact with the camera the whole time. She can't stop raving about how hard his dick is, she just wants it so bad! She teases him with the threat of sucking it, but she controls herself and sticks to the hand action. She says it's going to be a masterpiece when he cums, and true to her words, he sprays that jizz all over the place. Nice work, Lana!

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