Length: 20:42

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Added on: Feb 28, 2020

Model: Linzee Ryder
Tags: big tits , blonde
This Linzee Ryder handjob scene is astoundingly hot! Linzee is just unbelievable in these form-fitting jeans and tight tank top. She's giving us '90s Mariah Carey Heartbreaker vibes here, and we cannot complain about that! She's from Detroit and she's fairly new to the business too. She says her favorite thing in the world is to give blowjobs and then just let the guy be the aggressor in the bedroom. She's always fantasized about having two guys at one time, and all we can do is hope to catch that video soon! Dayum. She loves for guys to cum on her big titties and she is a swallower, not a spitter. Let's hope that holds true in this video too!

Linzee's tits might just be the star of this video... they are mind blowingly huge, perfect round golden globes of fun! Her striptease is purely torturous as you'll wish you could touch her right through the screen. Her ass is perfectly framed by a lacy golden thong, and she loves to be spanked! She masturbates for a while before getting down to business with a thick, hard cock. Her pretty pink nails look so good moving up and down the shaft while she keeps her mouth dangerously close to the head, tempting herself the entire time. She positions herself perfectly over him as she works it, and she worships that cock like it's nobody's business! She does indeed come through for us and take that load on her titties and even in her mouth when it erupts like a volcano! Good girl!

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