Length: 14:52

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Added on: Jan 24, 2020

Model: Nella Jones
If you love sexy East Coast girls, you'll love this Nella Jones handjob video! She's from Connecticut and she loves to surf now that she's out on the West Coast! She's looking sexy in a tube top and pink booty shorts, and she is too cute with her sexy pigtails. She loves boy-girl scenes and threesomes when it comes to watching porn. She just tried anal for the first time off-camera and she's looking forward to trying it on camera too! The most interesting question she's asked is if she could have sex with anyone in the world, living or dead, but we'll leave that one for the video and not spoil it for you!

The most exciting part is that Nella has never given a handjob on camera before, so let's pop that cherry and enjoy every minute of it! She unwraps those titties like they're a Christmas present, and they are the sweetest, perkiest things you'll ever see. She looks so good when she gets down to just her black panties, and then those come off too. She's got the most slender, sexy body ever. When her new boyfriend arrives with a hard cock for her hands, she's right there stroking and singing his praises. We love the way she delicately positions herself above him as she jerks it, and how she tells him how perfect it is and talks dirty to him and to you, the viewer, as well! He sprays his load all over her body and she loves the cum shower!

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