• Schoolgirl Sadie Homes Strokes Her Teacher

    Naughty schoolgirl, Sadie Homes, has been late to class lately and so were all of her boy schoolmates. What is going on that they are late all the time? The teacher is mad and wants to solve the mystery. Inviting over Sadie, she is dressed in a tiny skirt, long white socks and top without a bra. So seductive and so tempting. Can he even resist? Once Sadie Homes starts to take off her clothes and reveals her small boobs with exceptional nipples, he is hooked. She wins. Finally, Sadie shows her teacher what she is doing to all those boys in school. Prepared as always, she picks up a bottle of lube and makes his cock all slimy. Sliding her hands up and down, licking the balls and massaging them, the teacher is left in amazement. The schoolgirl sure did gain quite an amount of skills doing all those dudes. And she is more than welcome to receive a facial.

    Added on Sep 26, 2017
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