Length: 17:25

Photos: 98

Added on: Mar 13, 2020

Model: Skylar Madison
You're going to love this Skylar Madison handjob video! This Strokies original features another gorgeous Maryland babe who is going to cosmetology school to be a hair and makeup artist, and it shows. This sexy blonde is young with a tight body and perfect skin. She's relaxing on the bed, just chilling and looking absolutely gorgeous without even trying to. The pre-interview gets pretty naughty! She starts off talking about loving sensual neck and ear kisses and then goes straight into revealing how wet she gets when she gets a hard cock in her mouth! She confesses to fantasizing about a blow bang or gangbang too. That's our kind of babe!

Skylar loves getting naked for the camera, showing off her tight little ass and pulling down those dark denim cutoffs to reveal panties that match her knee socks! The flower tattoo on her hip makes her even more attractive. Her breasts are quite full and heavy with nice nipples, and when she's down on her knees stroking that hard cock, she looks so irresistible. She talks her way through the hand job, confessing to loving feeling a cock get harder in her hands as she plays with it, and that she loves playing with his balls too! She involves her sexy titties quite a bit too, rubbing his dick on them and letting her nipples get harder and harder. How much do you want to bet she takes that load all over those perfect titties and keeps a smile on her face the entire time?

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