Tara Ashley And Lexi M Fist Pump Principal

Length: 27:41

Photos: 155

Added on: Jan 19, 2018

Model: Tara Ashley and Lexi Mansfield
Young and adorable Asian schoolgirl, Lexi M, is a really naughty little whore. After giving a handjob gangbang to five boys, her teacher, Tara Ashley, keeps her in detention and calls over school's principal. What will they even do with the teen girl, Lexi? Will they have her expelled? Or will they find another way how to sort this inconvenience out? Of course, they will not expel such a gorgeous creature. Instead, they educate Lexi about who a whore is before the ladies join forces, go on their knees and fist pump principal. They are both just as dirty as Lexi is if not even more. Truth be told, wait until you see Tara Ashley in action. Tara is a mad lady who knows how to throw down a real performance. But to really teach Lexi M a lesson, after principal facializes her, she gets to hold the whore bowl. Wait and see how far this double POV handjob gets and be prepared for the unexpected.

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